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How to choose the best baby playmat

When choosing a play mat for your child, besides an age-appropriate play mat, it is necessary to keep in mind your child’s preference and nature of activities as they are considered in his playtime. It is the best tummy time to roll, sit, and crawl on the floor mat, so it must be safe and clean to prevent damage and accidents. In this article “How to Choose the Best Play Mat,”, we will consider some key factors for the best baby playtime.

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When choosing Play Mat For Baby

Consider some of the factors listed below:

  1. Material
  2. Size
  3. Safety
  4. Toys Attached
  5. Flexible and Durable
  6. Easy To Clean
  7. Water Proof


The most commonly used materials for the baby play mat are foam and cotton. Some play mats are made of toxic materials too. But if you’re looking for a healthy and safe play mat for your child, make sure it’s made from certified organic cotton, hemp fabric, linen, or OEKO-TEX-certified fabrics. Avoid play mats made from toxic foam, PVC, EVA foam, or petroleum-based polyurethane foam.


Rolling, sitting, and crawling on the floor need a large space. Definitely, you need a large baby play mat. There are adjustable foam play mats available that you can resize according to your space.


The most important factor in purchasing the best baby play mat is safety. A well-padded material closes boundaries, and an eye on the baby is a must. Try to buy a thick mat to avoid any damage or harm to the baby.

Toys Attached

Some play mats have toys attached to them. These are kids’ favorites. They play with toys full of colors and sounds and enjoy their tummy time more. You can also detach these toys if you want to make your child move on the mat. Some play mats are printed with colorful figures that attract your child.

Flexible and Durable

Another main factor is its flexibility. If activity mats are hard and not flexible, then your child might get hurt. So make sure that whether you are buying an outdoor baby play mat or an indoor play mat, It must be flexible. You can use these mats for long periods. This is possible if you buy a durable play mat that will last a long time. Foldable baby play mats are more durable because you can fold and store them after playtime.

Easy to Clean

Playmats get dirty and infected easily. Buy one that supports cleaning. Make sure you clean and disinfect your baby’s play area frequently. Avoid using hard detergents and bleach to clean the mat.

Water Proof

Babies often leak diapers and spill drinks on their play mats. So buying a waterproof play mat can come in handy.


Play mats for babies are the ultimate in fun for little ones. Try to buy the best play mats so they can enjoy their time with ease and comfort.

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