How To Stop Toddlers From Throwing Food

Stop it! Stop it!, Ahh! Not Again, mummy’s worst nightmare begins at meal times when a toddler starts throwing his food. This is normal and might happen during every child’s developmental milestones. Of course, it’s not a good habit and must be stopped, But throwing things is part of their skill development. Changing this kind of behavior may take some practice.

Learn Your child’s behavior and note the duration when he or she starts throwing the food.

5 Reasons Your Toddler Throws His Food

How To Stop Toddlers From Throwing Food

1-They want to play

Toddlers are usually in a playful mood. So playing with food is normal for them. When they are introduced to different colors and shapes of food, they simply enjoy having fun with it.

2-Their Tummies Are Full

Sometimes this habit occurs when their tummies get full and there is no more desire to eat. Because it takes some time for babies to digest their previous food.

3-When They Are Bored With The Meal

Serving the same food or less colored, bland foods, make your kid finished early and then they start playing with it. Some kids are so picky about eating and only want to have their favorite food, so they get bored with the unfavorable food and start to throw it.

4-Attention Seekers

Some Toddlers always want to seek their parents’ attention. They throw things to get Sympathy and Love.

5-Feeding Pets

Your toddler is helping out by feeding your pets. They are eager to show off their sharing and helping skills. By letting her help feed the pets, she’s learning how to be responsible and take care of others.

5 Steps To Let Them Stop Throwing Food

1-Reduce Serving Size

Try to serve food in small portions, one by one. It will make them eager to eat more food and prevent them from wasting it.

2-Keeping them busyHow To Stop Toddlers From Throwing Food

Place forks, spoons, and napkins with the food to engage them while eating. Trying to pick the food with a spoon or fork will keep them busy. With this practice,  they will also be able to learn table manners.

3-Control Your Anger

Try not to show frustration and shout such words as “Stop it”, Don’t Throw It”. Adopt a calmer approach and try saying words such as “Can you please try to keep the food on your plate” or “See how mummy and your sibling are eating their food”.

4-Keep Your Pet Out

Keep your pet out of the dining area while your toddler is having his or her food. Don’t throw food at pets in front of your kids. Try to put your pets’ food in bowls.

5-Reduce Eating Time

Note the time when your child is done eating their food and starts playing with it, Teach them a sign they can show you when they’re full. This way, you’ll know when to stop feeding your baby or if they’re just not hungry.

How To Stop Toddlers From Throwing Food

Conclusion: How to Stop Toddlers from Throwing Food

Whatever step you are using to stop toddlers from throwing food, always remember that they are in the learning phase. They will eventually learn how to sit and behave during meal time as they grow up, but instead of being frustrated or ignorant of your child’s eating behaviors, try a more favorable approach.

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