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Decoding Baby Monitors: A Comprehensive Guide to Owlet vs. Nanit

In the exhilarating yet challenging odyssey of parenthood, one paramount concern prevails: ensuring the safety and well-being of your little one, particularly during those precious moments of slumber. As technology leaps forward, the market is inundated with smart baby monitors, with two standout contenders being the Nanit Pro and the Owlet Monitor Duo. This comprehensive guide, “Nanit vs. Owlet : Which Baby monitor is better” embarks on an in-depth exploration, incorporating the experiences of real parents who’ve rigorously tested these devices, providing a holistic view to aid you in making a well-informed decision for your family.

Overview of Nanit and Owlet: A Side-by-Side Comparison

To kick things off, let’s provide a brief overview of the Nanit Pro and Owlet Monitor Duo:

FeaturesNanit ProOwlet Monitor Duo
MonitorsBaby’s sleep patterns & breathing motionsBaby’s heart rate & oxygen levels
BatteryNo battery required1 Lithium metal battery required
Sensor TechNight vision, room temperatureNight vision
Resolution906p HD video resolution1080p HD video resolution
Special FeatSleep and crying alerts. 1-year warrantyHeart rate and oxygen level alerts. 1-year warranty
MountingWall-mounted or freestandingWall-mounted or freestanding

Note: Prices are approximate and subject to change.

Understanding Sleep Patterns: Nanit vs. Owlet

Delving deeper into the core functionality, both Nanit and Owlet offer advanced features to monitor your baby’s sleep patterns, each with its distinctive approach:


Nanit harnesses the power of computer vision technology, providing intricate insights into your baby’s sleep. The Nanit Insights app serves as a portal, offering a meticulous breakdown of sleep duration, phases, quality, and invaluable tips for enhancing your baby’s sleep experience. Notably, Nanit introduces breathing wear, a specialized swaddle that elevates the monitoring experience.

Nanit’s Features:

Nanit’s computer vision technology is the bedrock of its sleep-tracking prowess. The Nanit Insights app acts as a vigilant companion, offering a detailed mosaic of your baby’s sleep patterns. For instance, it not only reveals how long your baby slept but also delves into the specifics of sleep phases. The real-time insights extend beyond mere duration, offering a comprehensive understanding of sleep quality.

Moreover, Nanit’s innovative inclusion of breathing wear exemplifies a holistic approach. The specialized swaddle, equipped with breathing sensors, adds an extra layer of reassurance. By seamlessly integrating this wearable technology into sleep tracking, Nanit empowers parents with a multifaceted tool to monitor and enhance their baby’s sleep.


On the other side of the spectrum, Owlet relies on the Smart Sock to meticulously track heart rate and oxygen levels during your baby’s slumber. This sock interfaces with a base station, delivering real-time data and sending notifications if readings deviate from predetermined thresholds. The Owlet app complements this, delivering insights into sleep patterns and quality.

Elaborating on Owlet’s Smart Sock:

Owlet’s unique proposition lies in its Smart Sock, a testament to the brand’s commitment to comprehensive monitoring. This soft and snug sock, adorned by your baby, becomes a conduit of invaluable data. By diligently tracking heart rate and oxygen levels, it paints a vivid picture of your baby’s well-being during sleep.

The Smart Sock, coupled with the base station, extends beyond traditional sleep tracking. It serves as a guardian, ready to sound the alarm if vital signs veer outside predefined safety zones. This real-time vigilance, facilitated by the integration of wearable technology, positions Owlet as a stalwart companion in the realm of baby monitoring.

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User Experience and App Functionality: A Comparative Analysis

In the realm of baby monitors, the user experience is paramount. Here’s a nuanced breakdown of app functionalities for both Nanit and Owlet:

Nanit App:

  • Real-time insights into sleep patterns and movements.
  • Utilizes computer vision technology for sleep tracking.
  • Live video streaming capability.
  • Notifications for wake-ups and sleep pattern alterations.

Nanit App Experience:

Nanit’s app emerges as a virtual haven for parents, offering a seamless interface to peek into their baby’s world. The real-time insights extend beyond mere data points, providing actionable information. For instance, the ability to view live video streams transcends conventional monitoring, offering a visual reassurance that complements the statistical data.

Moreover, Nanit’s notifications serve as personalized alerts, keeping parents informed about crucial moments. From wake-ups to subtle shifts in sleep patterns, the app’s proactive approach enhances the user experience. The incorporation of computer vision technology amplifies the depth of insights, making the Nanit app a comprehensive tool for vigilant parenting.

Owlet App:

  • Specifically designed for compatibility with the Owlet Smart Sock.
  • Real-time notifications for heart rate and oxygen levels.
  • Live video streaming feature.
  • Customizable notifications for wake-ups and sleep pattern shifts.

Amplifying Owlet’s App Interaction:

Owlet’s app is a tailored companion, intricately designed to synchronize with the Smart Sock. The real-time notifications for heart rate and oxygen levels encapsulate the essence of Owlet’s commitment to health-centric monitoring. It’s not just about tracking sleep patterns; it’s about ensuring the fundamental vitals remain within safe parameters.

The live video streaming feature adds a visual dimension, enabling parents to not only rely on data points but also witness their baby’s well-being in real time. Customizable notifications further personalize the user experience, catering to individual parenting styles and preferences.

User Experience Verdict: Both applications offer a stellar user experience, with Nanit providing more granular insights into sleep patterns, while Owlet excels in health tracking.

Insights from Real Parents: Navigating the Owlet Monitor Duo

Drawing insights from the experiences of real parents sheds light on the practical aspects of the Owlet Monitor Duo:

  • Kirk: Recommends the Smart Sock for cautious parents but suggests improvements for the camera and app functionality.
  • Nicole: Impressed by technology and design but found alarm triggers too often, impacting anxiety levels.
  • Katie: Recommends Owlet for peace of mind and ease of use but suggests improvements for alarm settings.
  • Letitia: Encountered issues with lagging and app functionality, not recommending the product.

Unpacking Real-World Experiences:

  1. Kirk’s Perspective:
    • Recommends the Smart Sock for cautious parents.
    • Suggests improvements for the camera and app functionality.
    • Emphasizes the importance of the camera’s aesthetics in the nursery.
    Kirk’s experience underscores the significance of the Smart Sock for parents seeking an extra layer of assurance. However, his insights into the camera and app functionality highlight the importance of a seamless and user-friendly interface, calling attention to areas of potential enhancement.
  2. Nicole’s Feedback:
    • Impressed by technology and design.
    • Alarm triggers too often, impacting anxiety levels.
    • Complex color coding system for alarms adds to stress.
    Nicole’s experience reflects a nuanced reality – while impressed by the technology, frequent alarm triggers posed challenges. The mention of a color-coding system adds a layer of complexity, emphasizing the need for intuitive design in baby monitors.
  3. Katie’s Endorsement:
    • Recommends Owlet for peace of mind and ease of use.
    • Suggests improvements for alarm settings.
    • Highlights the quick setup of both the camera and the Smart Sock.
    Katie’s endorsement speaks to Owlet’s strength in providing peace of mind and user-friendly attributes. Her emphasis on quick setup adds a practical dimension, shedding light on the importance of seamless integration into the parenting routine.
  4. Letitia’s Experience:
    • Encountered issues with lagging and app functionality.
    • Does not recommend the product.
    • Preference for a camera with a separate monitor screen.
    Letitia’s encounter with lagging and app functionality raises concerns about the reliability of the monitoring system. Her preference for a separate monitor screen highlights the diversity of parental preferences, reinforcing the need for adaptable baby monitoring solutions.

A Comparative Journey: Nanit vs. Owlet in Real-Life Scenarios

Embarking on a journey of comparative analysis reveals nuanced aspects of each baby monitor:

Sleep Understanding:


Nanit excels at providing detailed insights into sleep patterns. The Nanit Insights app serves as a comprehensive portal, offering a meticulous breakdown of sleep duration, phases, quality, and invaluable tips for enhancing your baby’s sleep experience.


Owlet zeroes in on vital signs with the Smart Sock, tracking heart rate and oxygen levels. The focus on health-centric monitoring adds a layer of reassurance for parents concerned about their baby’s well-being during sleep.

Alerts and Notifications:


Nanit alerts for movements, cries, and temperature with notifications on smartphones. The proactive nature of Nanit’s notifications enhances parental awareness, providing real-time updates on crucial moments.


Owlet’s Smart Sock provides notifications to the app or base station. The flexibility in notification delivery, whether to the app or the base station, caters to individual preferences and ensures that parents stay informed about their baby’s well-being.

Camera Function:

Both cameras offer HD video, two-way audio, and flexibility in mounting. The live video streaming capability in both Nanit and Owlet adds a visual dimension to baby monitoring, allowing parents to not only rely on data points but also witness their baby’s well-being in real time.

Twins or Multiple Babies:


Nanit allows the monitoring of one camera at a time. This limitation may pose a challenge for parents with twins or multiple babies who desire the flexibility to switch between cameras for a comprehensive view.


Owlet supports multiple babies but requires separate monitors for each. While providing the advantage of monitoring multiple babies, the necessity of separate monitors may impact overall cost.

Recommendations and Considerations: Decoding the Perfect Fit

Navigating the labyrinth of choices, several factors come into play:

For Sleep Insights:

If detailed sleep insights are a priority, Nanit emerges as the preferred choice. The Nanit Insights app, powered by computer vision technology, offers an intricate and comprehensive understanding of your baby’s sleep patterns.

For Vital Sign Monitoring:

If continuous heart rate and oxygen level monitoring take precedence, Owlet takes the lead. The Smart Sock, designed for health-centric monitoring, ensures that fundamental vitals remain within safe parameters.

Ease of Use:

Both products offer ease of use, but individual preferences may sway the balance. Nanit’s granular insights into sleep patterns may resonate with parents seeking detailed information, while Owlet’s health-centric focus caters to those prioritizing vital sign monitoring.


Owlet’s flexibility in notification delivery may be advantageous for some parents. Whether notifications are preferred on the app or the base station, Owlet accommodates diverse parenting styles, allowing for a personalized monitoring experience.

In Conclusion: Empowering Your Parenting Journey

Concluding our exploration, the decision between Nanit and Owlet hinges on specific needs and preferences. Both products stand commendable, each bringing unique features and benefits to the table. As you embark on the exhilarating journey of parenthood, this guide endeavors to arm you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision tailored to your family’s unique requirements. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and the best baby monitor is the one that seamlessly aligns with your priorities, providing unparalleled peace of mind throughout your parenting journey.

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