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Watching your toddler in pain is not tolerable, but it’s not necessary to rush to the doctor every time. You should know about common child issues, including sore throats, the common cold, ear infections, gastro-bronchitis (HMFD), hand, mouth, and foot disease, influenza, conjunctivitis, and sinusitis.

These can be treated at home, but if you are still worried, visit the doctor. Washing hands and cleaning around the house is the best prevention for toddlers. Make sure your toddler brushes twice and doesn’t follow or lick anything. Give them healthy and tasteful meals, and make sure they sleep well.

Basis of the most common Sickness in Kids

Sore Throat

These are caused by viruses and bacteria and do not need antibiotics. Doing gargles and letting them take a good rest with some precautions makes it cure easily.


It is caused by a virus, and it spreads quickly. Nausea and vomiting occur during this. Give them lots of fluids to avoid dehydration and make them rest.

Common Cold

There is no need for antibiotics because there is no cure for this except rest and painkillers. It is a very common disease in kids and can be spread easily.


Known as flu, in which a child coughs and sneezes. Can be treated at home with some medication and fluids with rest, but if the duration exceeds 30 days, visit the Doctor.

Ear Infection

This infection is caused by viruses or bacteria. This disease makes a child irritable every time, so take your kid to the doctor for treatment.

HMFD (Hand, Mouth, and Foot Disease)

This disease is common in toddlers and can cause a skin rash, fever, and flu-like symptoms. It is contagious. See your doctor.

In all cases, if you find your child weak, dehydrated, having an uncontrollable high fever, and having difficulty breathing, then contact the child’s pediatrician for medical advice.

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